Australia Hotel Mattress Industry Growth will be driven by Advanced Bedding Technologies, Rising Hotel Investment Pipeline and Higher Mattress Replacement Rate: Ken Research

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49% of the Australian hotel development pipeline till 2024 will be made up by 5-star or 6-star properties.Medium Mattress Comfort Level expected to hold close to 50.0% share in the overall hotel mattress industry sales in Australia.

The price of hotel mattresses in Australia is expected to rise by 3.0% by 2025. King and queen size mattresses are expected to extend their dominance, going forward as well. Leading players in the industry are looking to introduce oil-scented mattresses for premium hotel clientele coupled with, product innovation and integration of advanced technologies.

Future Hotel Investment Pipeline: 300 new or upgraded hotels are to be added in Australia’s hotel industry supply by 2025, totaling 45,000+ rooms. Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane were identified as cities leading the way in hotel development. A shift towards experiential travel, locally styled hotels and authentic travel experiences is clearly seen in the tourist preferences. Hence, lifestyle and boutique hotels are on the upsurge and their frequent refurbishments and renovations will drive strong growth in hotel mattress demand in the future.

Rise in Popularity of Medium Mattress Comfort Level: Hotels are looking to incorporate a mixture of a plush and firm comfort level in their mattresses. Customers generally want either a firm or a plush mattress. Hence, hotels aim to maintain a middle ground in the comfort level as its unfeasible for them to introduce multiple products for varied guest profiles. They are majorly focusing on a “one mattress fits all” strategy.

Upcoming Technologies Impacting Hotel Bedding Needs: Advanced comfort materials such as gel-infused foam, memory foam, latex and hybrid materials are forcing hotels to change their bedding on a more frequent basis to cacth up with changing trends. Additionally, new bedding technologies such as adjustable beds, USB connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity and massage systems will push hotels to providesuch add-ons in their exclusive hotel beds, in a bid to cope up with competition and optimize sleep experience.

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